Mr. 1K

Sidney Crosby has officially reached the 1,000 points milestone. In a game Friday night, Crosby became the fastest active player to reach 1,000 and the 12th fastest player in the history of the league to reach the milestone. Doing it in just 757 games cements Crosby’s legacy of the greatest player in today’s game.

After going scoreless for two straight games, Crosby finally found the chance he was looking for and assisted on his longtime linemate Chris Kunitz’s goal to reach the coveted spot in history. He went on to record 1,001 with an assist on Phil Kessel’s goal, and then in true Crosby fashion capped off the night with the overtime winner to put his team up 4-3 against the Winnipeg Jets.

With a career like the one Crosby has had, this milestone doesn’t come easily. Crosby has notoriously had vast issues with concussions, broken jaws, and injured ankles which slowed down his career. Even so, when naysayers speculated if Crosby could ever play at the same level post concussion, Crosby shut them up by letting his skill do all the talking.

It is a serious feat on skill and determination that Crosby reached the 1,000 points club before his 30th birthday, even with all the time lost due to injury. In a video compiled by the NHL, players from all around the league second this statement. Alex Ovechkin, Crosby’s biggest rival, commented on the injuries Crosby has had to deal with, explaining that if it weren’t for those injuries that Crosby would have reached the milestone way before him, not weeks after.

Crosby has proven time and time again that he is a very special player. He has done things in the 12 seasons he has been in the league that players may not ever get to accomplish in their entire careers. This latest milestone serves as a reminder that Crosby is the best there is today, there is no stopping him. In a game where Wayne Gretzky and Jaromir Jagr adorn the top of the scoring and point leader board, maybe Crosby will be up there keeping them some company when he reaches the end of his impressive career.


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