Top Trades from the Trade Deadline

Every year the trade deadline becomes somewhat of a spectacle in the NHL world. With the fate of players hanging in the balance, the headlines write themselves. Although this year didn’t bring as many “Blockbuster” trades as seen in previous years, big name players were moved around before the 3 p.m deadline. What makes this year stand out from the rest is the incentives behind the trades. With the league expanding to Las Vegas next season, Vegas has to get their players from the other 30 teams in the league. For current teams the thought of losing a player for nothing in return didn’t seem like the best option.

Jordie Benn

Jordie Benn felt the issue of the expansion draft first hand. Benn has spent his entire career up until this point with the Dallas Stars, a team that also has Jordie’s little brother Jamie on the roster. With all of his connections and the time he spent in the city, it came as a bit of a shock that Jordie Benn was dealt to the Montreal Canadiens. When asked about the trade, head coach Lindy Ruff reiterated that although they respect Jordie as a player, it is a business. With the expansion draft looming the team felt that the only option was to deal Benn away and get something in return. Although the Benn brothers have now been seperated, Jordie Benn is starting a new chapter in his career, one that involved his being Jordie Benn, not just Jamie’s brother.

Kevin Shattenkirk

The biggest trade of this season goes to Kevin Shattenkirk. The solid blue-liner was dealt to Stanley Cup hopeful the Washington Capitals. This is a huge trade in the sense that Washington just added another puzzle piece to their nearly complete puzzle. For years the Caps have been considered one of the best teams in hockey as well as real cup contenders, riding on the back of future hall of famer Alex Ovechkin. But even with all the praise and expectation that has fallen on the team, they have always come up short. Shattenkirk can prove to be the difference. It is no secret that the Caps have incredible depth when it comes to offence, but defending hasn’t been one of the things that they are known for. Having talent and consistency in all aspects could bring them closer and closer to the cup.

Jarome Iginla

I’ll admit Iginla isn’t what he used to be. He has gotten older, his name isn’t in many of the headlines anymore. But this season he is back in the headlines with the continuation of his Stanley Cup tour. In recent years it has seemed that Iggy is going wherever he believes the cup will go. This tour has brought him to Boston, Pittsburgh, Colorado, and now on the latest stop Los Angeles. The news of Iggy heading out west didn’t come as much of a shock, but LA is an interesting choice for the veteran. With the recent signing of goalie Ben Bishop, LA are transitioning themselves to a playoff hopeful to a cup contender. Hopefully for Iginla’s sake all the new parts fit into the system, because i’m not sure about how many more seasons or teams he can make it to.


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