Pavel Datsyuk Recieves Game Misconduct

In his most recent game in the KHL, former Detroit Red Wing and current SKA Saint Petersburg player Pavel Datsyuk was handed a game misconduct penalty following a big open ice hit on a HC Dynamo Moscow player. In the NHL the “Magic Man” was most known for his stick handling abilities and goal scoring techniques, he was never known for his physical play. The news of the hit and the penalty caused a bit of shock to hear that it was the typical strictly skilled player.

The high hit resulted in Datsyuk receiving nearly 25 penalty minuets in total, and caused quite the skirmish and tension between the two teams. Seems like Datsyuk is changing up his game in his first year away from the NHL and in the KHL. Time will tell if he does keep the intensity and grittiness in his style of play or the hit was a one time thing. One thing for sure is it good to see the Magic Man back in the headlines, even under these circumstances.


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