US Women’s Team Boycotts Championships

In a world and country that is questioning why we need feminism, the United States Women’s Hockey team is showing the naysayers the exact reasons. Although women in the US do have the right to vote, we are not treated as equals. In the aspect of pay wages and respect no one sees this more than female athletes. We have already seen the women’s national soccer team speak out about the fact that they make far less than the men’s team, but now the women’s hockey team is getting involved.

In a sport that already doesn’t have the greatest following, women’s hockey is miles behind the men in viewership, respect, and of course wages. The national team isn’t just speaking out about the mistreatment by the United States Hockey Association, they are taking a very bold stand. The brave ladies are sticking up for themselves and their sport by boycotting the upcoming World Championships, which just so happen to be taking place on American soil.What kind of message does the host nation not participating send the rest of the world? That the women are done with being pushed around, they deserve to be treated better and they will be treated as equal.

Yes, the men’s league is more popular by a landslide, but the women’s league is up and coming and growing by the season. Not to mention, the Women’s Hockey games in the Olympics bring in very high ratings as compared to the men, especially when it revolves around the intense rivalry between the US and Canada.

What i admire most about these women is that they are standing by each other, the system as a whole is fighting together until they get what they want. These women are fighting for a livable pay wage when they are training and playing in games for their country, when they aren’t able to work outside of the team because of the demanding schedule.They are fighting for funding for the women’s hockey and developmental system in order to stay an elite team for years to come. The men are not only paid millions of dollars to play for the NHL, and are given money for playing in the Olympics and championships, but there is millions of dollars put into their developmental program.

Women deserve respect in the hockey and sports worlds. Within our country, the hockey and soccer teams are as good as their male counterparts, if not better Why is it right that they aren’t rewarded for representing their country well and to the best of their abilities when the men are. Hopefully this brave team of women will change how the world looks and treats women athletes.


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