The Race for Art Ross

In what has already been a season of milestones and exciting times, the final weeks of the 2016-17 NHL season are blowing the other storylines from earlier on out of the water. Among the highly competitive and close playoff race, one of the most heated and exciting races thus far has to be the race for the scoring title, the Art Ross and Rocket Richard titles.

With three player’s names consistently in the mix for the highly difficult title, the race gets tighter and tighter by the game. Connor McDavid, Sidney Crosby, and Brad Marchand are all vying for another trophy to add to their impressive resumes.

It seems like day by day fans are getting more and more app updates about who is leading, one day its Marchand, one day its McDavid and the next Crosby is recording a hattrick to put his name back in the mix.

With three, even four elite players competing for the title, it shows just how talented and competitive the NHL rosters are this season. From Crosby who has dominated the league for more than a decade, to Marchand who has been an elite player but not THE player up until this season, to McDavid who is in his sophomore season following a devastating shoulder injury, this season has definitely not disappointed in the aspect of talent.


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