US Women’s National Team Will Compete in Championship

After days and days of negotiations and boycotts, the Women’s National team has finally reached an agreement with USA Hockey. It was announced that the Women would be boycotting the upcoming championships, which are taking place on home soil, due to pay issues.

After banding together with the current team as well as women who are in the USA hockey system, the ladies decided they wanted to take a stand and demand they be paid livable wages as well as more funding into developmental programs, something that has been seriously lacking. After negotiations that weren’t up to the women’s standards, the stalemate continued until finally USA hockey caved and gave the women what they wanted.

Not only did the women receive higher pay wages, they were also given a spot on the board of the organization. With having a seat on the board, the women will have a say in the operations of their sport, something they have never had in the past. With this announcement, the hockey program will be represented on all sides. Developmental programs will improve immensely which will in turn improve the skill and talent involved with the sport.

Having a solid program will hopefully propel the women into a higher viewership bracket in order to grow the sport. This stand that the women took is revolutionary. Following up what the US Women’s Soccer team started, women in sports are finally gaining a voice and respect, something they have deserved for years. With how much talent is on the US team, I predict that the Championships that start this week will be highly viewed from all over the country. The hockey world finally came together and took a stand which bettered the sport in the long run.


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